Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Modern Revolution

Sally Girouard
Ms. Kennett
March, 8, 2012

                There are many revolutions taking place in American society that affect all aspects of functionality. In order for revolutions or movements to take place people initially need to portray passion for the movement. There have been countless revolutions ranging in size and violence all around the world for ages. Some have been legendary and successful and some have ended in tragedy or oppression. It’s nearly impossible to see a future without major revolutions. This is because not all people have the same core beliefs, status in society, circumstances or mind set. A few revolutions that society is trying to grapple with are economic dilemmas, adapting to technologies transformation of society, and corrupt politics.
                The recession possesses many factors that are weakening Americans from coast to coast and its effects run deep. Many are furious with the way money is being spent in government or simply how the government is handling the economic issues at hand. This revolution began because of the stock markets and big banks; Occupy movements are consumed many cities showing the intense relevance of these issues. Americans ranging from all ages have set up camp proving their points. These protests are symbolic of change that has to be made.
                Technology has rapidly transformed every aspect of American life. Technology for good, and for bad has managed to come into our lives. For example, in the classrooms, we have an abundance of technology to aid educators; this type of technology is advancing society. However, in this age of social media society has become very distant and impersonal. A lot of online activity can be misused. While the younger generations continue to abuse social media they have lost touch with anything real. Kids who used to go and play outside till it was dark are now stuck on social media impersonally talking to friends or just wasting time obsessing about everybody else’s lives and business but their own. Also cell phones are a huge new issue in society. Teenagers can barley go an hour without their cell phone. Every second unconsumed with work is on cell phones and computers, it’s pathetic. What happen to reading, exercising or other activities to keep us busy? This I believe, is an epidemic and it is very new to society. We must grapple with this issue to prevent younger generations from the same effect.
                Another revolution in society today is the recognition of corrupt politics. The system seems broken to so many of us. There is never any progress made in congress and the future seems grim. Many politicians are in it for themselves only. They might be about the ‘people’, however they are getting insider information or own their own business and are making millions, and believe it or not they will protect their money over your any day. Government and the politicians that run society are grossly incompetent at times. There are numerous examples of this, however society is finally seeing the lies. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Does Genocide Happen

               Genocide can be a factor of many aspects and flaws in society. Genocide will continue in modern life unless every nation becomes united with common values, thoughts, and outlook on society. The sad part is, that is unlikely. Also, another large factor of genocides is extremists; extremist will stop at nothing to spread their beliefs and culture. Another large part of genocide is groups who feel threatened. In the Rwanda genocide, the Hutu population feared the pressure of the Tutsi’s (another ethnic group in Rwanda) Seen on Nate Carters Blog . Genocides today in society are based upon the same facts. Religion can usually fall under that category as well; Genocide may be a result of a religious hatred such as misinterpretation of religious text, such as 9/11. Genocide will continue to happen unless nation are united upon common ground.

Modern Genocides>>>>

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Civil Hatred Leads to Mass Killing: A Modern Genocide

Despite the century we are living in, with many resources and insight into history and its tragedies; History seems to repeat itself. History includes all conflict socially, physically, geographically ethnically and so on. However, hatred within nations has not subsided. Since the Holocaust, the largest genocide in history, there has been numerous genocides, many still happening today.
About twenty years ago genocide was on the horizon in Rwanda. The country consisted of three ethnic groups totally about 7 million all together. The three groups were; Hutu ,Tutsi and Twa, with Hutu totaling significantly more than half the population. The Hutu group, being the largest in numbers, harbored many extremists. These extremist pointed fingers at the Tutsi group for the countries social, economic, and political pressure and influence. It was clear that even though the Hutu had the upper hand in numbers, they feared the Tutsis.  The spark of the conflict was in April 1994, when the president, President Habyarimana, a Hutu, died in a plane crash when the plane he was traveling in was shot down.
Soon after this event the Hutu population turned and systematical attempted to destroy the Tutsi population. Any threat or opponents of this movement were killed immediately by these extremist as they wasted no time wreaking havoc. The Hutu’s began with extreme aggression on the Tutsi civilian population.  Members were randomly killed many times families killed all at once. Women brutally raped and murdered. The violence against the Tutsi’s was horrific. The success of the genocide was due to the fact that nearly 200,000 participated in aiding the Hutu extremists. Not only Tutsis were killed but those Hutu’s who opposed the movement were killed as well. An estimated 75 percent of the Tutsi population was wiped out. Totaling about 800,000 men, women and children killed in the genocide. The Hutu’s truly believed that the ‘extermination campaign’ would leave them unthreatened by the influence of the Tutsi’s. However, the civil dispute and genocide came to an end when RPF, the mostly Tutsi rebel group, put President Paul Kagame into power to reinstate a civil nation.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mentor Text: Gilmore Girls

    For my Mentor text I decided to watch Gilmore Girls! I thought this would be productive aswell as extremley helpful because it highlights the strong relationship between the two main characters, Lorily and Roary, have with each other. Similar to the story I am constructing, these character have a bond like no other, when they are with each other its effortless and simple. With only one episode I was able to construct chemisty with my characters similar to that of their mother and daughter relationship. Gilmore Girls helped me immesley with dialouge aswell. Even though they senslessly talk through the entire show it has meaning. Also,the way they finish each others sentences or respond diffrently shows how diffrent yet how similar they are. After watching this show I realized how reflective my characters are of these characters. Lorily and Roary are two completly opposite people in everything they do. Lorily is outgoing carefree and has a great sense of humor and roary is quiet, determinded, and tenetive. However, depsite their diffrences they have a strong bond. This mentor text helped me more than all the others had. It had meaning as well as parraelling my own story. After watching it I had the abitlity to produce dialouge aswell. It helped get my mind going and releaved my writers block. However, the diffrence between my dialouge and theres is there mine had meaning to it and they are not just talking to talk. Somtimes they would mindlessly talk about things. However in constructing my story the dialouge is not a large amount but when i do have it the reader is forced to read on, i make it captivating and intense. Gilmore Girls helped me so much with constructing my story and I realized how closley related they are. However after watching it i did not feel the need to go and tweek my characters.

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Story! Beggining Section

Her legs began to tremble, then her hands. Her heart felt as though it was dropped on the ground disconectd from her body. Her mind drew all emotion humanley possible then instantaniously  went blank. She forgot how to breath for a moment then jumped into her mothers arms and let out a scream. This is was the most devastating day of her life.

Section 2( One year earlier)
The music was blasting so loud they could feel the bumping from their toes to their hair from the bass. The car zipped into the parking lot. The sunroof was open revealing the strong rays of the sun and the warmth of its touch. Jane was, as always, reciting every word of the song as if she was on stage singing it herself. Jane had this free about her like life was too precious to have a care in the world. Ann was sitting in the passenger seat, as always, just smiling contently as her mother put on a show. These were the moments. The moments were Ann felt completely at ease. Completely in a state of comfort. Completely happy. This was the best example of the contrast between the mother and daughter.
“Take it away sistah”
Ann just smiles and gave a slight laugh to her mother.
 Ann and her mother Jane spent all their time together yet they were completely different. Their bond was like no other and they relied on each other for everything. It was the kind of relationship were the other person makes you a better person.
“ Lets do this!” Jane joked attempting to release a laugh from Ann.
They were going shopping for summer clothes but most likely just window shopping due to their tight pockets. That never mattered to them, however. Upon arriving at the mall they entered many stores tried on silly outfits, things they couldn’t afford, and bought a total of two items. They had more fun than most people who have money to spend freely.

Ann naturally kept to herself and was very quiet yet content. Ann was extremely shy around people. However around her mother was she completely herself. Her mother brought the best out of Ann. Their time spent together was carefree and blissful. She admired her mother’s love life, high energy attitude. Ann could always count of her mother to brighten her mood.
As for Jane, she would do anything for her daughter and treasured putting a smile on her face. Proud doesn’t begin to describe how she felt about her daughter. Jane finally got a daughter after having three boys and she always said god had answered her prayers.

Section 2
“Hey honey, how was your day”
“Alright I guess, we had to make a presentation in History. I hate presentations”
“ I always tell you just picture the crowd in their underwear”
“ Ha-ha I tried!”
Ann always felt so much better being around her mother. They gossiped, shared every detail of their days and did all the same things.
“ What are your plans tonight hun”
“ I don’t really feel like going out wanna stay in and watch a movie”
“ Of course id love that. I just thought you would want to go out with your friends tonight. You’ve had a long week”
“ No just not in the mood”
Jane was never In the mood. She had a few close friends though. But no one like her mother. Jane would always try to push her into being more social by saying little things here and their but it never worked.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Interview Questions!

Liz Bates Story!
1. What would you say the overal theme of your story is?
A: The theme of my story is that even after you hit rock bottom, with help and support from your family you can still make it through and gain forgiveness.
2. What do you wish to accomplish by telling your story?
A: I just want to prove that your family is always there to help you through your mistakes.
3. How do you want your story to effect the audience?
A: I want the audience to realize that no matter how many mistakes you make, or how bad they are, you can still get through them and gain forgiveness as long as you do not give up trying to get it. Also that your family will always give you the help you need when you ask for it.
4. Do your characters parallel any specific people in your life?
A: No, all of the characters are completely random.
5. What happens in your climax?
A: I haven't written it yet, but the climax is going to be Emily on trial to see if she was a part of the murder of the store manager.
6. If you could change one thing about your story what would it be?
A:  The story is still in progress, but as of now there is nothing that I wish to change.
7. How are you going to hook the reader?
A: The reader is supposed to get hooked because 
8. Would you say your conflict is minor or major?
A: There are multiple conflicts that occur in my story, but they are all minor.
9. Does the resolution of your story teach significant morals? How so?
A: Yes, the resolution proves that because Emily tried so hard to win forgiveness from her family and friends that she finally gained it.
10. Where, when does your story take place?
A: Present day, in Detroit, MI.
11. How did you create your characters?
A: I made a list of how many characters I needed, then based on the story decided if the characters should be men or women, and what ages.
12. Is their hidden meaning or lessons to be taught by your story?
A: No, the story is basic, and straight forward.
13. What challenges do they face?
A: Emily faces the challenge of having to watch the man she loves murder someone, then go on trial because she might have been a part of it.
14. What age group does this story target?
A: Mainly teenagers, and kids in High School.
15. Who would you recommend this story to?
A: Anyone in high school that is interested in complicated stories.
16. How are you starting your story?
A: In the present time, with Emily and her mother sitting in her kitchen fighting because her mother hasn't quite forgiven her yet for making the mistakes that she has made.
17. Is love involved?
A: Yes, love is what makes Emily misjudge the situation she is in, and agree with Ryan to rob the store in the first place.
18. Who would you say is your favorite character and why?
A: Emily, because she faces many struggles, but finds a way to get through all of them.
19. Is it a children's book or more mature?
A: This is not meant for children because it contains some more mature content including a murder.
20. Are you proud of this?
A: As of right now the story still has a lot more to be added to it, but i believe when it is complete I will be and it will be a good story.
To read Liz's Story Click here!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Childrens Book... In the process!

The sun slowly begins to rise on the small quant town of Plainville. The town meets the expectations of the name; it is quiet, small and calm. Nothing out of the usual happens in Plainville. It is a town where everyone knows each other some way or the other. Outside the dew was settling on the cold ground. The only sound was the crisp whistle of the cools air dancing through .It is Monday in Plainville which means the streets are bustling with commotion and filled with children headed to school and parents headed to work. It was a cold December morning and Christmas cheer was in the air. Every house in Plainville had lights and decorations. Down School Street lay a cute little property with yellow paint and green shutters. Inside lives a girl names Vicky. Vicky is an only child of two of the nicest and well known  in the town.

Vicky awakens stretches big and wide as her mom softly says,

“Wake up sweetheart, time to get ready for school darling”

In the sweetest, calming voice you have ever heard Vicky’s mother repeats this for a few minutes.

“STOP MOM!” yelps Vicky.

This draws no reaction from Vicky’s mom surprisingly.

“But I made you your favorite, chocolate chip pancakes!”
Vicky opens her eyes glares at her mother and said,

“Ew I don’t like chocolate chip pancakes anymore, make me French toast. Her mother sighed disappointed.
“Okay honey please get ready soon, you’ll be late” replied her mother calmly
After Vicky snapped at her mother multiple times Vicky was off to school. When Vicky left her mother was left hurt, as always. Feeling as though her daughter didn’t appreciate anything she did for her. The nicer she was, the less respect she received from Vicky. She felt she couldn’t do anything right. Vicky was her only daughter and she felt as though she had failed. Vicky’s mother felt as though she meant nothing to Vicky. Down the road a little wasPine Street
and on Pine Street lived Vicky’s best friend Mia. Mia and Vicky did everything together and were best friends they could remember. However, the scene in Mia’s house was very different from Vicky’s. Two hours earlier Mia awoke to her alarm clock buzzing like crazy. She hopped out of bed because she new she must go feed her little brother and do some of her chores before the day even started. Mia’s mother was a single mom of three and Mia was the oldest so she, in turn, had to help around the house everyday. Mia had to stay in on weekends and babysit, clean the house, do the dishes, and do the laundry. All without and if, and or but.  Mia never complained because of the tasks she had to take on, she did them with dignity and out of love and respect for her mother. Mia respected that her mother worked so much, because her mother single handedly provides for her entire family. Mia didn’t dare criticize her for anything and never even thought of it. By the time Mia was done getting her little brothers ready she decided to make breakfast for her mother, just because she had a few extra minutes. After two hours it was time for Mia to get ready for school. She quickly threw on cloths and barley had time to eat anything so she popped in piece of toast waited about 30 seconds then grabs it and ran. Mia rushed out the door down the bus stop and as she was passing Vicky’s house she saw Vicky making her way out.
“Hello Mrs. Short, have a good day, hope all is well!” yelled Mia,
“You to sweetheart” replied Mrs. Short.
Vicky’s mom smiled from ear to ear almost wishing Mia was her daughter but she didn’t dare let those thoughts enter her mind.  Vicky whipped her long blond hair around and said
“Bye mom.” Then under her breaths he mumbled “Ok go away.”
In a tone that alternated hinting to her mother that she was annoyed. Mia was always so surprised at how Vicky’s treated her mom but she never wanted to say anything about it. She thought she was a nice lady and Mia was always a guest at Vicky’s house and rarely the other way around. Mia always kept to her self and rarely talked about herself because she never felt the need to. Mia is very mature for her age, but doesn’t know it. She always does the best she can for her family. Sometime, however, this meant she had to sacrifice doing kid things with all her friends. However she would shrug her shoulders and say

“whatever it’s fine, really!”

When she would miss out on birthday parties, carnivals, and slumber parties. She would mean it. Mia and Vicky quickly examined each other outfits.

“I love that shirt, it’s so bright!” said Vicky

Mia gave a small smile exhausted from her Monday morning chores. However, Vicky was well rested and had a belly full of French toast.

“You missed out on a lot of fun at Jennie’s slumber party this weekend” said Vicky.

Mia’s expression quickly changed.

 “Oh really, well I’m glad you had fun, maybe next time” she said softly
“You always say that Mia” said Vicky

“I know” sighed Mia jokingly.
They entered room twenty one, Mrs. Green’s class. Mia and Vicky were always in the same class. Mrs. Green announced,

“Good morning boys and girls, today we will start pre algebra."

The class groaned at this remark. Vicky began to get nervous because she new she wasn’t very good at arithmetic, Or reading, Or writing. Vicky tried hard in school however she always came up short and Mia always got very good grades in school. This angered Vicky very much. However Mia didn’t brag or ever talk about her self and her excellence in the classroom. She kept quiet and to herself.
            “Ring ring”

It was lunch time. The girls hopped out of their seats and walked quickly down to the cafeteria Vicky opened her lunch box filled with goodies. While Mia was rummaging through her pockets trying to find some change to buy lunch, or maybe even something from the vending machine. Vicky always offered to share, and they always did. It was like a silent agreement that took place almost everyday. Mia hated asking her mother for lunch money because she knew her little brothers needed it more than she did. Mia knew she could count of her best friend. Vicky never questioned Mia about not having lunch or even about not able to hangout on the weekends or after school. They used to play a lot more until Mia had her two little brothers. Vicky was always a very good friend to Mia.
The school day was finally over and Mia and Vicky headed home on the bus.
“My parents want to know if it would be okay if I stayed at your house for the weekend, because my parents are going away to Canada
“Why the heck would they wanna go there!”  Exclaimed Mia.

The girls chuckled for a few moments. Then the expression on Mia’s face completely changed.
“Umm, yeah, I’m sure that will be fine. I have to ask my mom” she said nervously.

Mia felt uncomfortable with this and she couldn’t find out why.
“Okay great, this will be so much fun!” yelled Vicky

The next week passed slowly with the same routines on both parts. It was finally Friday and Vicky and Mia were ready to go back to her house for the weekend.
“So what do you wanna do when we get home?” said Vicky
“ Well first I have to pick up the house, go get my brothers off the bus, then make dinner, and depending on if my moms working tonight, maybe babysit” replied Mia.Vicky sat there shocked and she didn’t know whether to laugh or take her seriously. Vicky knew Mia had to babysit a lot but she never knew about all the other chores. The bus rolled slowly and screeched then halted to a complete stop. The girls stomped off the bus and headed towards the house.
“Home sweet home” Vicky joked
“Are you hungry” Mia asked
“Not really” replied Vicky
The girls entered the house and Mia made Vicky at home and blew up an extra air mattress in her room. Mia was running up and down collecting laundry from her little brother’s room.
“What in the world are you in such a rush for” laughed Vicky
“ Ha-ha sorry, I like to do all the laundry Fridays before my mom gets home so she doesn’t have to deal with it, she is usually very stressed”
“ Is she cranky and yell at you if you don’t?”
“ No not at all!”

Said Mia, surprised at the that response

“I just like her to relax before she has to go back, so we can talk about school and stuff. I don’t like when she comes home and has stuff to do. I want to spend time with her”

Mia usually doesn’t give long explanations or justify herself. However she was angered by the comment Vicky mad about her mother.
“I don’t even know how to do laundry, my mom always does it!”
“ I cant teach you”
“ HA no thanks!”
They both laughed loud and joked around for a bit. The girls never took anything to seriously or rarely had disagreements. They just love being with each other. They thought they were similar in everyway. They liked the same clothes, music, games, and boys and told each other everything. However, the girls were far from similar when it came to their life at home. Vicky reluctantly spent the night babysitting cleaning up and watching Mia’s little brothers. However she bragged and said how she wished her parents would never come back.....

Climax to come!
Main idea- she will realize how ungrateful she is and how terrible she is towards her parents and will start to miss her old life very much. I will also add in more to the decription of Vicky to paint a clearer picture of her home life. Show her realization and acceptance of her awful attitude.  

...I feel like im going more in the direction of a childrens book while others are getting very deep and complex.