Thursday, September 15, 2011

So many direction: Following my moral compass

      The difficulty I encountered in creating a moral compass for myself, baffled me. I don’t know if it’s because I truly don’t know what’s most important to me or I simply couldn’t decided. Morality and importance in life stumps me. Instead of spending hours searching for my true guiding powers that are were hiding in my heart. I simply listed whatever came to my head when I thought of living the most fulfilling life I possibly could.What I came up with was love, kindness, thankfulness, and courage. These sound so cliché and simple, but its what I choose to fill my life with. Being in control of my moral compass is a large responsibility. I have learned that if I stay on my path I succeed and if I rome away, I face concequences. Navigating my way through life I’ve chose to just take it in as I go. I have transitioned directions many times, because i realized my compass was malfunctioning.

            Love is such a powerful word and i belive is undefinable. However Love is defined as this: “Love noun, verb, loved, lov·ing. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection".Love is the root of happiness.  Love guides me in many ways, because I am loved and I love others in my life tremendously. These feelings allow me to live a life of happiness knowing that love exists. Like we said in our video “You have to give love to receive it”. The feeling of love within a family or simply two people is so profound and comforting; it leads you through life almost fearless. I believe every positive influence or experience in our life makes us a better person as a whole. And with love being so positive it gives us that motivation to succeed and be great.

Kindness is so important in guiding my moral compass. We all have intense sensitivity and emotional connection. Conflict, gossip, and disrespect infuriate everyone of us. Kindness is the only remedy. Kindness is easy to give and great to receive. Kindness is so forceful. Kindness can be a cycle. Like in the movie “pay it forward’. I truly believe people who are not kind have reasons they are not. Life issues, dilemmas, and situations can so easily alter our personality. We have to realize it shouldn’t; letting other problems make us hostile to the world is senseless. I’ve learned that opening your heart and letting kindness be bountiful will allow yourself to let go of those issues, rather then bottling them up. Kindness not only makes me happy, but others as well.

Thankfulness is absolutely on my moral compass. Sometimes we are just completely ungrateful, we are all guilty of it. There is an abundance of things I am truly thankful for. We don’t realize how lucky and blessed we are. The transition from childhood to adulthood is full of realizations. You begin to see the weight so many people have been carrying for you and the countless favors and endless support you’ve received. We have basically been the center of attention and everything revolved around us in our child years. That is so profoudn to me. When I look back on my entire life I am so grateful for my every blessing and even more excited to see what is to come.

Courage is one of the most important things, but i confess I barley let it guide me. To be completely honest, it’s on my compass but there are many times I yield to courage. I have never considered myself a courageous, strong, or confident person. I simply know I have to be. Little by little I’m gaining courage. Surprisingly courage will bring you a long way, and it will never go unnoticed. I beleive through the ough times in my life I had no choice but to be courageous, and it wasn’t easy. Courage is a mindset that I put myself in to overcome obstacles. Surprislinly, in the end,weakness will break you more than courage will.

I believe my moral compass is less ambitious and more simple than others.  My main objective is to take life as it comes and just love and live. I am realizing stress and anger never improve the condition of things. My bearings are set and my moral compass has done good guiding me were I think I want to go.  Now i am fully prepared for my next malfunction, and i can confidentley deciede which direction to go.


  1. "Kindness is the only remedy" This is my favorite line in your post! I strongly agree with all of your ideas. Great post Sally! My question to you is what does it take to be a thankful person?

  2. I love that you took a more simple appraoch to the moral compass and included more figurittive things rather than objective things. I believe that love, kindness, thankfulnes, and courage are some of the most important things in life to value. And i agree, sometimes it is hard to be courageous and strong but if you keep in mind a positive outlook and what you want to get out of a situation and even life in general, you'll find a way to come out of it better than the way you went in.

  3. I love your feelings about love, I really enjoyed how you included the definition within your points to show what love is to you. Do you feel as though love can only be within a family or two people? Is it possible to love things like nature or even yourself? I like your use of powerful words, it shows how passionate you feel about each topic. When you talk about gaining courage it really speaks to me because you are critiquing yourself on how you need to be more courageous and work towards breaking free of fear. -Alex Josephson