Saturday, November 19, 2011

Media Reflecting American Values?

           I like to be aware of what is going on in the world around me. I feel I need to know what is pressing in society and the major stories locally, nationally and internationally. Reading the newspaper, watching the news, and catching up on world affairs in my Journalism class keep me on top of the ball. This year, I have had a large realization about the media in society. Primarily due to the study of news in my journalism class. I have noticed the uneven scale of how news is, presented, chosen, and filtered based on priority.             I recall my first shocking realization of the depleted values of the press and the media. The main story or link on major news websites was about Lindsey Lohan or Justin Beiber's baby scandal. At the same time, I happened to stumbled upon a sickening story from Pennsylvania, where mental handicapped people were kept hostage and tortured and then died in order for these criminals to steal there identities and collect their social security. This story was horrific and sickening. I belive it held enough signifigance to be recognized.However, the media just blew over it quickly and then got back of the so called  'major story' of  Lindsey Lohans dysfunctional pathetic life. Who decided what issues are first priority news and what is just ok news. To be honest, whoever the men and women are whoare responsible for organizing the importance of news story, can be assumed, very succesful in the field of journalism and media. However, I find it completely outrageous that these people of such high stature seem to be incompetent morons. The industry of media is filling our brains with junk instead of what we should be aware of; the real issues. If we wanted to know the latest gossip about famous people, who are famous for all the wrong reasons, we should go read those tacky tabloids filled with mindless drama. As for me, I’d rather be informed of really pressing world conflicts, emergencies, and disaters. I have heard more about Kim Kardashians pathetic 72 day marriage and her divorce then the war overseas. That purley sickening. Not only is is sickening, but disrespectful and undermines the values of our society. At the begging of the war, it consumed the news. However now the media seems to just push it to the side or give a few second clips; always sending us different messages. Something is seriously wrong here and we need to evaluate where are attention should really be going. I recall at the beggining of the year we watched a video of Tom Brokaw because it somehow realted to our moral compass. Tom spoke about the importance supporting our troop and making sacrafices. He also touched on the lack of recognition or news coverage. His words stuck with me.
            If our news, media, and press is any indication of where our country is going, I am very scared. As a society and as a country we need to start looking at real issues. Yes, it is entertaining to know the latest celebrity gossip, however, when a tornado kills many and destroys live I don’t think the buzz should be about Kim Kardashian.