Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Modern Revolution

Sally Girouard
Ms. Kennett
March, 8, 2012

                There are many revolutions taking place in American society that affect all aspects of functionality. In order for revolutions or movements to take place people initially need to portray passion for the movement. There have been countless revolutions ranging in size and violence all around the world for ages. Some have been legendary and successful and some have ended in tragedy or oppression. It’s nearly impossible to see a future without major revolutions. This is because not all people have the same core beliefs, status in society, circumstances or mind set. A few revolutions that society is trying to grapple with are economic dilemmas, adapting to technologies transformation of society, and corrupt politics.
                The recession possesses many factors that are weakening Americans from coast to coast and its effects run deep. Many are furious with the way money is being spent in government or simply how the government is handling the economic issues at hand. This revolution began because of the stock markets and big banks; Occupy movements are consumed many cities showing the intense relevance of these issues. Americans ranging from all ages have set up camp proving their points. These protests are symbolic of change that has to be made.
                Technology has rapidly transformed every aspect of American life. Technology for good, and for bad has managed to come into our lives. For example, in the classrooms, we have an abundance of technology to aid educators; this type of technology is advancing society. However, in this age of social media society has become very distant and impersonal. A lot of online activity can be misused. While the younger generations continue to abuse social media they have lost touch with anything real. Kids who used to go and play outside till it was dark are now stuck on social media impersonally talking to friends or just wasting time obsessing about everybody else’s lives and business but their own. Also cell phones are a huge new issue in society. Teenagers can barley go an hour without their cell phone. Every second unconsumed with work is on cell phones and computers, it’s pathetic. What happen to reading, exercising or other activities to keep us busy? This I believe, is an epidemic and it is very new to society. We must grapple with this issue to prevent younger generations from the same effect.
                Another revolution in society today is the recognition of corrupt politics. The system seems broken to so many of us. There is never any progress made in congress and the future seems grim. Many politicians are in it for themselves only. They might be about the ‘people’, however they are getting insider information or own their own business and are making millions, and believe it or not they will protect their money over your any day. Government and the politicians that run society are grossly incompetent at times. There are numerous examples of this, however society is finally seeing the lies. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Does Genocide Happen

               Genocide can be a factor of many aspects and flaws in society. Genocide will continue in modern life unless every nation becomes united with common values, thoughts, and outlook on society. The sad part is, that is unlikely. Also, another large factor of genocides is extremists; extremist will stop at nothing to spread their beliefs and culture. Another large part of genocide is groups who feel threatened. In the Rwanda genocide, the Hutu population feared the pressure of the Tutsi’s (another ethnic group in Rwanda) Seen on Nate Carters Blog . Genocides today in society are based upon the same facts. Religion can usually fall under that category as well; Genocide may be a result of a religious hatred such as misinterpretation of religious text, such as 9/11. Genocide will continue to happen unless nation are united upon common ground.

Modern Genocides>>>>

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Civil Hatred Leads to Mass Killing: A Modern Genocide

Despite the century we are living in, with many resources and insight into history and its tragedies; History seems to repeat itself. History includes all conflict socially, physically, geographically ethnically and so on. However, hatred within nations has not subsided. Since the Holocaust, the largest genocide in history, there has been numerous genocides, many still happening today.
About twenty years ago genocide was on the horizon in Rwanda. The country consisted of three ethnic groups totally about 7 million all together. The three groups were; Hutu ,Tutsi and Twa, with Hutu totaling significantly more than half the population. The Hutu group, being the largest in numbers, harbored many extremists. These extremist pointed fingers at the Tutsi group for the countries social, economic, and political pressure and influence. It was clear that even though the Hutu had the upper hand in numbers, they feared the Tutsis.  The spark of the conflict was in April 1994, when the president, President Habyarimana, a Hutu, died in a plane crash when the plane he was traveling in was shot down.
Soon after this event the Hutu population turned and systematical attempted to destroy the Tutsi population. Any threat or opponents of this movement were killed immediately by these extremist as they wasted no time wreaking havoc. The Hutu’s began with extreme aggression on the Tutsi civilian population.  Members were randomly killed many times families killed all at once. Women brutally raped and murdered. The violence against the Tutsi’s was horrific. The success of the genocide was due to the fact that nearly 200,000 participated in aiding the Hutu extremists. Not only Tutsis were killed but those Hutu’s who opposed the movement were killed as well. An estimated 75 percent of the Tutsi population was wiped out. Totaling about 800,000 men, women and children killed in the genocide. The Hutu’s truly believed that the ‘extermination campaign’ would leave them unthreatened by the influence of the Tutsi’s. However, the civil dispute and genocide came to an end when RPF, the mostly Tutsi rebel group, put President Paul Kagame into power to reinstate a civil nation.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mentor Text: Gilmore Girls

    For my Mentor text I decided to watch Gilmore Girls! I thought this would be productive aswell as extremley helpful because it highlights the strong relationship between the two main characters, Lorily and Roary, have with each other. Similar to the story I am constructing, these character have a bond like no other, when they are with each other its effortless and simple. With only one episode I was able to construct chemisty with my characters similar to that of their mother and daughter relationship. Gilmore Girls helped me immesley with dialouge aswell. Even though they senslessly talk through the entire show it has meaning. Also,the way they finish each others sentences or respond diffrently shows how diffrent yet how similar they are. After watching this show I realized how reflective my characters are of these characters. Lorily and Roary are two completly opposite people in everything they do. Lorily is outgoing carefree and has a great sense of humor and roary is quiet, determinded, and tenetive. However, depsite their diffrences they have a strong bond. This mentor text helped me more than all the others had. It had meaning as well as parraelling my own story. After watching it I had the abitlity to produce dialouge aswell. It helped get my mind going and releaved my writers block. However, the diffrence between my dialouge and theres is there mine had meaning to it and they are not just talking to talk. Somtimes they would mindlessly talk about things. However in constructing my story the dialouge is not a large amount but when i do have it the reader is forced to read on, i make it captivating and intense. Gilmore Girls helped me so much with constructing my story and I realized how closley related they are. However after watching it i did not feel the need to go and tweek my characters.