Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mentor Text: Gilmore Girls

    For my Mentor text I decided to watch Gilmore Girls! I thought this would be productive aswell as extremley helpful because it highlights the strong relationship between the two main characters, Lorily and Roary, have with each other. Similar to the story I am constructing, these character have a bond like no other, when they are with each other its effortless and simple. With only one episode I was able to construct chemisty with my characters similar to that of their mother and daughter relationship. Gilmore Girls helped me immesley with dialouge aswell. Even though they senslessly talk through the entire show it has meaning. Also,the way they finish each others sentences or respond diffrently shows how diffrent yet how similar they are. After watching this show I realized how reflective my characters are of these characters. Lorily and Roary are two completly opposite people in everything they do. Lorily is outgoing carefree and has a great sense of humor and roary is quiet, determinded, and tenetive. However, depsite their diffrences they have a strong bond. This mentor text helped me more than all the others had. It had meaning as well as parraelling my own story. After watching it I had the abitlity to produce dialouge aswell. It helped get my mind going and releaved my writers block. However, the diffrence between my dialouge and theres is there mine had meaning to it and they are not just talking to talk. Somtimes they would mindlessly talk about things. However in constructing my story the dialouge is not a large amount but when i do have it the reader is forced to read on, i make it captivating and intense. Gilmore Girls helped me so much with constructing my story and I realized how closley related they are. However after watching it i did not feel the need to go and tweek my characters.